Eli, dont go.


I was shocked when I read the news from web about your resignation.  I do understand your feeling and it is not easy to overcome this, but life still go on, and I hope you will able to let go.

It is really not worth to have this way of settlement, caused those bad guys had gain what they want but we will lost a really responsive YB…

Please, don’t leave.  No matter what other people say, our eyes are still open and clear.  We are not as foolish as those people who think of and we will show our sadness and anger when the time comes.

Finally, I would hope you will reconsider your resignation cause we really need you.

Yours sincerely,
Nelson Neoh

ps: this is my first and hope it would be the last blog post written in English.  I do know that my poor English was a bit hard to express my feeling, but this time, I have to do so.

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  1. To Eli,hope u will fine again and please think again about you resignation….people and party need to you…..
    老大….you write very well already….Please keep on writing….

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